Coffee break Vol. 1 It’s raining in New York

This is a personal note to all bloggers present and future. Welcome to Blogs at YBC. I am glad you joined. I am posting this because I think it is important for you to see the human side of this blog. I am the grinning face in the picture that is the admin of this website. As it rains in New York, and I am drinking a steaming cup of coffee, I am thinking of better ways to serve you here at Blogs at YBC and other websites I own. Please feel free to tell me how I am doing. Plus, I have a forum at my main site if you want to chat. You can go to to sign up.

As the rain comes down in New York Hard and fast, I sit here with my coffee trying to figure out what to ad to Blogs at YBC for you to enjoy. I welcome any suggestions. I am thinking of adding a forum, a better way to communicate. Or, add invite functions to the website so that more people can start blogging on the site.

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I am a native of New York and a lover of coffee. That's where the name Your Biz Café came from. I work during the day and blog at night. Plus, offer affordable marketing services for your business. Feel free to start your own blog for your business.

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