Police Shutdown an Illegal IPTV Service

Earlier today, police in Italy, the Netherlands, France and Bulgaria raided locations in an attempt to shut down what they said was the back end of many illegal IPTV server. According to TorrentFreak, is the company behind the software systems that run many IPTV services.

“The multi-country day of action coordinated by Eurojust in the Hague led to the collapse of an international criminal network that engaged in massive fraud using pay-tv, which shows that organised crime has extended its illegal activities to massive violations of audiovisual copyright,” Eurojust said in a statement. “The losses caused by the criminal gangs amount to about €6.5m and threaten the survival of many legitimate pay-tv providers in the market.

In Germany, France and the Netherlands, more than 200 servers were shut down and more than 150 criminal PayPal accounts were closed.”

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