The Exterity IPTV system manages digital signage content

The parliament of the Australian state of Victoria has installed an award-winning outdoor IPTV and digital signage system to service 142 screens installed in new and historic buildings.

The Victorian parliament is the bicameral legislature of the Australian state of Victoria. The parliament building, located on spring street on the edge of the central city grid, was first built in 1855 and different parts were completed in the following decades. Over the years, however, the parliament building has been expanded in several places and annexes have been added to accommodate the expanded legislative and administrative staff.

In 2016, parliament embarked on a major project to build a two-storey building to provide additional office space for 102 MPS. The new addition is designed to architecturally echo the 160-year-old houses of parliament and is embedded into the landscape to enhance its environmental performance while reducing interference with views into and out of the houses of parliament.

The project, managed by the department of parliamentary services, includes the implementation of an IPTV APK solution that gives members and their staff access to live video from the legislative council, legislative assembly and certain committee rooms. The system will also provide a news-focused free trade agreement channel.

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