IPTV Smarters is a software application itself

IPTV Smarters is a more popular IPTV solution for android devices such as smartphones, tablets, TV set-top boxes and smart TVS. It can be used with third-party IPTV services and provides a good user experience through its GUI and electronic programming guides.

However, this is not the first time it has disappeared from Google’s game store. According to the app’s developer, the removal was due to a false complaint.

“It is normal to receive such complaints, which have occurred three times so far. We worked it out last time and this time. We have carried out the same process with the help of our lawyers, “Amanpreet Singh told TorrentFreak. Mr Singh did not reveal the source of the false complaint.

IPTV Smarters itself is just a software application. Instead of providing any IPTV streams as-is, it must be used with other services. The developer does not support the use of its products by any third party provider that violates intellectual property laws.

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