IPTV piracy shut down in Australia

The creativity and entertainment (ACE) alliance — a global alliance dedicated to protecting the dynamic legal marketplace for creative content and reducing online piracy — scored another major victory in an effort to protect the creative content of the legal marketplace, reducing piracy recently shut down from streaming, and one pirate is selling pirated IPTV set-top boxes and subscriptions. After an investigation by ACE representatives, Australian media streaming agreed to stop all piracy immediately.

The action is part of ongoing efforts to disrupt other similar illegal IPTV/ISD operators and distributors in Australia. To date, ACE has successfully shut down 31 piracy operations involving the distribution and sale of preloaded pirated devices, applications and IPTV subscriptions.

“ACE is committed to protecting the legitimate international creative content market through a range of strategies to reduce piracy,” said Karyn Temple, senior executive vice-president and global general counsel of the Motion Picture Association. “The closure of Australian media streaming is the latest in a series of victories to protect Australian creators and ensure that legal services continue to thrive.”

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