TEL selects IPTV wholesale solution

The agreement allows the company to provide television services to its more than 100 partners and about 100,000 of its customers through its own fiber-optic network.

German utility stadtwerkeStrom Plauen was TEL’s first partner, launching an IPTV service using Ocilion’s white label solution. The region’s power suppliers have more than 33,000 customers.

“With Ocilion’s IPTV service, we can offer our partners an attractive, complete package that makes IPTV entry easier than ever before,” said Stephen Drescher, managing director of ENVIa TEL. “They don’t need their own investment slot to get a large number of video-on-demand services for their existing network infrastructure.”

“Feedback from our new TV service confirms that we have taken the right steps, ” Drescher added.

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