Jasmine Group launches IPTV service with ambition

Jasmine Group is ambitious to launch IPTV service Altimedia in partnership with KT and has signed a contract with 3BB TV Ltd., a paid broadcasting service provider of the Thai Jasmine Group, to provide an IPTV platform.

Jasmine Group aims to launch IPTV service by the end of 2020, becoming Thailand’s largest telecommunications operator, its competitive products combined with the Group’s previous TTBB high-speed Internet and 3BB TV IPTV services.

To achieve this ambitious goal, the Group is working to enhance its competitiveness by establishing new IPTV services and to ensure that KT provides the best IPTV services in the world by operating the platform in partnership with KT.

Late last year, Altimedia participated in a KT-sponsored consortium to consult 3BB’s media platform/service. As a result, KT entered into a commercial contract with 3BB and KT in March to commercialize the service. Alticast, the parent company of Alticast, has also completed project subcontracting, covering middleware, UI/UX, service applications, and channel data front-end systems throughout the IPTV solution. Alticast is responsible for overall project management, while Altimedia is responsible for providing, developing, and implementing solutions under Alticast.

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