Singularity provides an IPTV platform for operators

Pavlov Media, one of the largest private broadband providers in the United States for student housing and multifamily real estate owners, has announced the acquisition of best tv IPTV software provider Kiwi.

Wonderpoint provides an IPTV platform for operators in the United States and abroad. Pavlov Media said the acquisition will strengthen its ongoing efforts to deliver content to customers in the most efficient and meaningful way.

Mark Sifres, chief executive of Pavlov Media, said: “This acquisition is a step towards delivering consumers a cutting-edge media experience. “Pavlov Media builds a high-capacity national broadband network and is able to create and deliver content that goes beyond traditional cable tv services. Acquisition Singularity now provides us with a platform from which we can create and deliver enhanced content packs for our multi-family customers and single-family users.

“We’ve been growing fast and we’re always looking for the right partner to take advantage of that growth,” said Matt Ailts, singularity’s chief executive. “Pavlov Media meets our requirements, including a commitment to quality of service and the provision of resources to enable our team to take advantage of the many available opportunities on the market.

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