Jasmine Group launches IPTV service with ambition

Jasmine Group is ambitious to launch IPTV service Altimedia in partnership with KT and has signed a contract with 3BB TV Ltd., a paid broadcasting service provider of the Thai Jasmine Group, to provide an IPTV platform.

Jasmine Group aims to launch IPTV service by the end of 2020, becoming Thailand’s largest telecommunications operator, its competitive products combined with the Group’s previous TTBB high-speed Internet and 3BB TV IPTV services.

To achieve this ambitious goal, the Group is working to enhance its competitiveness by establishing new IPTV services and to ensure that KT provides the best IPTV services in the world by operating the platform in partnership with KT.

Late last year, Altimedia participated in a KT-sponsored consortium to consult 3BB’s media platform/service. As a result, KT entered into a commercial contract with 3BB and KT in March to commercialize the service. Alticast, the parent company of Alticast, has also completed project subcontracting, covering middleware, UI/UX, service applications, and channel data front-end systems throughout the IPTV solution. Alticast is responsible for overall project management, while Altimedia is responsible for providing, developing, and implementing solutions under Alticast.


Singularity provides an IPTV platform for operators

Pavlov Media, one of the largest private broadband providers in the United States for student housing and multifamily real estate owners, has announced the acquisition of best tv IPTV software provider Kiwi.

Wonderpoint provides an IPTV platform for operators in the United States and abroad. Pavlov Media said the acquisition will strengthen its ongoing efforts to deliver content to customers in the most efficient and meaningful way.

Mark Sifres, chief executive of Pavlov Media, said: “This acquisition is a step towards delivering consumers a cutting-edge media experience. “Pavlov Media builds a high-capacity national broadband network and is able to create and deliver content that goes beyond traditional cable tv services. Acquisition Singularity now provides us with a platform from which we can create and deliver enhanced content packs for our multi-family customers and single-family users.

“We’ve been growing fast and we’re always looking for the right partner to take advantage of that growth,” said Matt Ailts, singularity’s chief executive. “Pavlov Media meets our requirements, including a commitment to quality of service and the provision of resources to enable our team to take advantage of the many available opportunities on the market.


TEL selects IPTV wholesale solution

The agreement allows the company to provide television services to its more than 100 partners and about 100,000 of its customers through its own fiber-optic network.

German utility stadtwerkeStrom Plauen was TEL’s first partner, launching an IPTV service using Ocilion’s white label solution. The region’s power suppliers have more than 33,000 customers.

“With Ocilion’s IPTV service, we can offer our partners an attractive, complete package that makes IPTV entry easier than ever before,” said Stephen Drescher, managing director of ENVIa TEL. “They don’t need their own investment slot to get a large number of video-on-demand services for their existing network infrastructure.”

“Feedback from our new TV service confirms that we have taken the right steps, ” Drescher added.


IPTV boost Orange Polska

As of June 30, IPTV’s membership had almost doubled, with 900,000 subscribers watching its TV service.

The latest results from Poland’s current president show that FTTH had 286,000 users at the end of H1, compared with 145,000 in the same period last year. In the second quarter alone, it received a record $38,000.

At the same time, its total IPTV subscription were 900,000, up from 792,000 in the same period last year. Of these, 386,000 (277,000 in January 2017), of which 514,000 (515,000) were IPTVs.

More than two-thirds of TV customers (641,000) are B2C converged customers.

OrangePolska’s second-quarter revenue was 2,766 million Polish dinars (EUR 640.8 million), down 2.6% from the same period in 2017.


Swisscom Launches New IPTV Media Streaming Box

The new Swisscom TV Entertainment OS 4 STB framework builds on Synaptics’ Far Field Voice (FFV) best IPTV reference design, which includes a high-performance quad-core video intelligence ? multimedia processor, integrated FFV processing and custom wake words to support Credit Suisse’s proprietary assistant. The comprehensive reference design is a high dynamic range stereo microphone analog-to-digital converter (ADC), a digital-to-analog converter (DAC), and an audio amplifier that supplies power to internal speakers.

Swisscom customers can connect to the Swiss Communications Cloud by simply providing STB with “Hey Swiss Communications” and enjoying advanced voice-enabled services. Users will also enjoy highly immersive 4K HDR TV shows, including content from services such as Sky, DAZN, Netflix and OCS.

“We are excited to launch our customers with the new Credit Suisse TV Entertainment OS 4 platform, a powerful solution that delivers comprehensive and unique content, new Swisscom services, and a fully immersive Ultra HD TV experience,” said Peter Fregelius, Head of TV and Entertainment at Swisscom. It’s great to work with Synaptics to help our customers develop this truly exceptional user experience.


MediaStar IPTV solution sits for Galway competitions

With the installation of the MediaStar IPTV solution, the recently refurbished racecourse’s main and extensive gaming area, as well as the autumn racing competition, have benefited from the world-famous seven-day Galway Summer Festival and racing.

The MediaStar system was designated and installed last year to coincide with the opening of the track’s new Wilson Lynch building, a replacement for the old Todt Gaming Hall. Nearly 90 displays serve Ladbrokes betting shops, the new Champagne Bar and other hotel areas overlooking the popular stadium, which receives up to 1,400 visitors per day.

External broadcast trucks provide real-time signals from multiple sources, including Sky Sports Racing, terrestrial TV broadcasts and key betting channels through the MediaStar 778 and 785 encoders, making it a powerful and extremely reliable solution for all racecourse needs and input flexibility, making it ideal for live racing. These features enable content to be distributed throughout the building.


IPTV is proving slow to take off in Ukraine

IPTV has proved slow to develop in Ukraine, where the number of households receiving services legally is estimated to be no more than 150,000.

This figure, provided by IPNET CEO Dmitry Grischuk and quoted by Mediasat, is equivalent to just 2% of all broadband users.

However, the true figure is likely to be lower as the market is still in its very early stages.

Only a few companies offer legal IPTV services.

In addition to IPNET, they include TeNe T and Trinity in Odessa and mariupol, respectively.


HBO launches KPN IPTV

Six HBO channels will be available on all three smart IPTV service platforms in the Netherlands: KPN Interactive TV, XS4All and Telfort.

Three SD and three hd channels, HBO, HBO 2 and HBO 3, will launch on KPN and XS4All on June 25, while Telfort will begin airing these channels on July 9.

HBO customers also have access to HBO Go and HBO on-demand services.

HBO in the Netherlands is a joint venture between time warner and Ziggo, the Dutch cable operator. The channel was launched on the Ziggo network earlier this year and is the first shipping agreement with another platform.


IPTV piracy shut down in Australia

The creativity and entertainment (ACE) alliance — a global alliance dedicated to protecting the dynamic legal marketplace for creative content and reducing online piracy — scored another major victory in an effort to protect the creative content of the legal marketplace, reducing piracy recently shut down from streaming, and one pirate is selling pirated IPTV set-top boxes and subscriptions. After an investigation by ACE representatives, Australian media streaming agreed to stop all piracy immediately.

The action is part of ongoing efforts to disrupt other similar illegal IPTV/ISD operators and distributors in Australia. To date, ACE has successfully shut down 31 piracy operations involving the distribution and sale of preloaded pirated devices, applications and IPTV subscriptions.

“ACE is committed to protecting the legitimate international creative content market through a range of strategies to reduce piracy,” said Karyn Temple, senior executive vice-president and global general counsel of the Motion Picture Association. “The closure of Australian media streaming is the latest in a series of victories to protect Australian creators and ensure that legal services continue to thrive.”


IPTV services are becoming an increasingly popular

IPTV services are becoming an increasingly popular way to watch shows from around the globe. In a sentence for those that may not know, IPTV is Digitally transmitted signals over the internet, of TV channels and other content to our homes via (in this case) an android app called ATV. This allows us to tap into all sorts of brilliant content like your favourite movie, TV Show, sport, and so much more at an affordable price.
ATV is a proven leader in providing this service due to its reliability, longevity & customer support.
Here living in Australia, we are quite isolated and limited in content that is available to watch both live & on demand. That’s why I personally looked for something better that can provide me and my family with shows that we can all enjoy.
I have tried quite a number of IPTV services and none come close to ATV.
ATV provides in excess of 1000 channels from around the world from all over Europe / America and Asia. There is something for everyone.
Having access to these channels, I can watch pretty much anything from Live Sports events including pay per view (PPV) events to Documentaries, TV series and Movies.
The content is almost overwhelming. All of this is supplied by ATV to my home TV in HD quality via my android device.
Here are just a few of the reasons why I prefer ATV over other IPTV providers:-
Easy to install & setup
Great features such as 7 day catch up / record ability / Video On Demand (VOD) read more about these below.
Program Guide (with multiple layout styles)
Reliable streams
Good luck if you can get ALL that with other IPTV services. Quite simply you cannot. But with ATV you can.

Alright, so here’s a couple of examples to back up what I’m saying. I used to pay $50 a go for a PPV event like a UFC or boxing match.
With ATV you get unlimited access to these included in your subscription. Just last weekend (23rd?Feb 2020) I enjoyed the full card of the Fury v Wilder event Live in Las Vegas.
I get all my English Premier league matches and European soccer, Formula 1 & Moto GP.
ATV is so affordable and I have saved so much $$$ on PPV events alone – since I started using them about 4 years ago. I wouldn’t go without it now.

Some of those great features I mentioned above are:-
7 Day Catch Up – Lots of channels have the ability to be able to watch any show aired in the last 7 days (I use this so I don’t have to get up at 2am to watch a live event that may be in UK or USA)
Record – If you want to keep a show more than the & days, then simply hit record and keep the show for as long as you want. (You have a massive 40 hrs of allocated space to use)
VOD – an extensive library of movies and TV shows are available on demand, from the very latest to your old favourites. The choice is fantastic.

Yes there are free IPTV service and cheaper services around, BUT – they are not as reliable, have less features and simply don’t measure up. That’s a very honest (and tested) opinion.
Some of these or free services can cumbersome, are hard to set up, work one minute then gone the next and can be quite frustrating. ATV is the answer.
ATV gives a 3 day trial so you can test this for yourself. Do yourself and your family a favour by trying it out. You will truly be blown away.