Short Tip #1 Want More Traffic? Get The code

Every website on the web uses some form of promotion. Whether it be banner advertising, text ads, solo ad marketing or full-page promotion, there is always a way to get your message out there. At Blog Text Ads there are banners, solo ad, and text link advertising. As a member, you can gain more traffic to your website by using these methods. You can increase your chances of gaining more traffic by getting the code. But Stephanie, why do I need the code? You might ask. Well when you place the code o your site, people click the link or banner they find interesting. Then that click gives you credits and the credits you earn go towards your advertising. Not only will you gain a steady flow of traffic but you may even increase the chance of building a downline.

What is an Ad Exchange?

There are many types of advertising websites out there. Some offer viral advertising and some have surf or traffic exchanges. There are websites that allow you to use a multitude of services. Ad Exchanges are a good example of that. An ad Exchange is a website that allows you to earn credits from clicking banner ads, solo ads, text links, PTC ads, and headline ads. Another way you can earn credits is by posting a line of code to your website in exchange for having your ad displayed throughout their network.

How exactly does it work?

When you sign up, depending on the owner you get an advertising bonus. You are able to set up advertising for your business. The ads you can set up are solo ads (there are many different types), banner ads, navigation links, hot links, and login ads. Now, that you have set up your ads you will see some clicks come in over time. That’s the advertising end. But, what about earning credits? In order for your ads to be seen after the bonus period is up, you have to click to earn credits or you can take a line of code and display ads on your website.

Most ad exchanges allow you to display both banner ads and link ads. Depending on the ad exchange you’ll have links only or banners only. It’s good to display these ads on your site because you get more chances to have your ad seen. When you display the ads, they can be clicked. The clicks you get earn you credits to your account. The credits you earned can be used towards your ads being displayed. Or, you can use your credits to trade for advertising.

Is an Ad Exchange an MLM site?

An ad exchange is in not an MLM Website. You will not have to invest your hard earned money in order to get started. You don’t have to pay to sign up and you certainly will not get rich off of an ad exchange while using their services. Ad Exchanges offer advertising services only. As mentioned before Ad exchanges offer different types and methods of advertising to help you get a steady flow of traffic. There are some websites that express that on their main page.

What are the benefits?

More traffic to your website is very important. An Ad exchange can provide that service. Depending on the website you will gain a steady flow or a high volume. It all boils down to the response level of the members of the site and the people who click the ads in the network.