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Short Tip: Affiliates protect your bottom line

As an affiliate it is very important to promote your favorite program and earn a second income. There are so many different ways to promote your program. You have social media, traffic exchanges, adboards, and blogging. here’s a question, Are you protecting your links? Affiliate links can be long ugly strings of characters. They need protection. When you are promoting your program are you cloaking your URLS?

Affiliates blog about your programs

As an affiliate you definitely want to promote your favorite Program or opportunity. You want to share good points about that opportunity that can help earn an extra income. Plus, these websites will gain website traffic. But, how can you present it and what can you post here at Blogs at YBC? Take a look at a few suggestions below.


You can introduce the affiliate program, product, or service to your audience. Give your audience a preview of how that service can benefit them. Give them a few points to think about when considering the service or program. The questions many people think about are “How can I earn income with this product?”, “is this program user friendly?”, “can I build a list with this product?”. These are only a few questions internet marketers ask when considering an opportunity. Plus, they want to know if it is good ethics to use the product.

Highlight the Pros and Cons

The right hand may be healthy and clean but the left hand needs to be examined. What does that mean? Every program, product, or service has a good bad and ugly feature. Before a marketer joins a service or even buy a product, the good and bad is always examined. The customer needs to know that the product they buy will benefit their bottom line. Plus, they need to know how they can earn as an affiliate of the product.

These are just a few suggestions on blogging at Blogs at YBC as an affiliate. Highlighting certain aspects of a site you are affiliated with can get the reader to consider the offer.