Bitcoin is not all there is to Blockchain.

Once you try to open up a talk with the average man about blockchain, he  either draws a blank or quickly assumes that you want to talk to him about bitcoin.

Let me hurry therefore to let you know that bitcoin is not all there is to blockchain.In fact, bitcoin, being the first major success achieved with the blockchain technology and being related to money and wealth which looms so large in the lives of the individual is just that- so large that it threatens to hide the parent.  Every individual that plans to be part of the future must therefore look beyond bitcoin and first acquire a proper understanding of the blockchain technology.

Blockchain is a new technology for the storage of data in a distributed manner and its retrieval in a non mediated manner. The major advantage of this method is that it totally removes the need for human mediation in the gathering, validation and retrieval of data, thus also removing the possibility of mischievous or inadvertent error  or interventio at any of the levels of data handling and therefore achieving maximal trustworthiness of the data so handled.

A new level of capability to handle large volume of data and very effectively anaylyse them is also attained over and above previously known levels. This also means that data can be associated across space and patterns identified  that will enable new levels of efficiency in decision making.

My excitement over the blockchain technology has gone well beyond its application in the financial sector and I swill want to encourage you to share this attitude to the technology,

We certainly will be examining instances and opportunities for you to make money with the technology but primarily we will be getting acquainted with the ways in which it will impact our lives over and above money handling.

Welcome to my world.