Lot’s of info here BUT this opportunity will be huge and I am inviting you way before the masses. I will be promoting this very hard!


Watch the video’s and let me know if you’re interested in becoming a founder. 
This founder’s position is normally $997 but you can join for a short time for only $97. Watch the 3 video’s below and see why I jumped all over this and most likely will be my number 1 business online.
Many online marketers these days are saying it’s getting very hard to recruit because of all the scams, I completely agree! This opportunity will be “all done for you”. Yes, everything! Advertising, Recruiting, and building!

Here are the steps below to join as a founder for $97 instead of $997. Only a limited amount of founders positions.
I do urge that you seriously pay close attention to the details.
Ash has been at work planning the next move that should
bring us success and I truly believe that he is ready with a
plan that will benefit ALL of us.
Please MAKE SURE YOU watch this 23-minute presentation posted by Ash.’m sure we can all relate to the problems he discusses in
this video. Most importantly, he is presenting a strategy
that is designed for everyone to earn with his new plan.
The key points for those who are not active recruiters are

….Top marketing automation done for you

….Real time guaranteed visitors and sign-ups done for you

….Breakthrough products to automate your financial freedom

After watching the video above you can watch this second
video for more information about the founder offer.

Basically, you have 2 options

1. Wait for the program to launch at which time you can join for $25 


2. Request a founders position for an additional $97

In order to do this, you can send a message to Mr. Ash using this
email address >>>>

In the subject line write “Requesting Founder Position”

In the message body please include the following…

Full Name – 
Email Address –  
Phone Number – 
Sponsor’s Full Name -Michael Johnson – questions: please email me at ( 

What payment option is good for you.

Watch for a message from Ash which will provide the
payment options. There is a huge advantage for the founders as you will learn in upcoming updates from Ash and me.

Please let me know if you join.

Regards, Michael Johnson