Make good use of your Promotion Page

Part One

I know I mention promotion pages all the time. I’m sure you are probably sick of it. however, it is important to utilize all of the promotion options provided by My Sunny Ads. There are so many options available. The most time-saving option is the Promotion Page. The promotion page offered at My Sunny Ads will not only save you time but it will get traffic to your offers on a consistent basis.

What can you put on your promotion page?

First, banners are a good addition to your page. There are fields on the page that allow you to link to your banner. Plus, you can put a short description of your offer beneath the banner. There are links you might have set up in your account. Your links can be displayed as long as you keep them fresh. What about text ads? The fields provided can allow you to enter text ads of your favorite programs. So what type of sites can you enter? Well, you can enter your blog, favorite money-making programs and more.

More exposure for more than one offer

Your offers will be displayed on your page until you change them around. You can always change what’s displayed at any time. Once you set up your page, you will be able to promote it. All of your offers will get visitors on a consistent basis at the same time. That means more exposure in less time.

Don’t forget to log in and manage your page.

Promote One page to Promote Them All

Get a free Promotion page with your free JV Upgrade. Save time money and effort and promote all of your sites at once. Plus get more traffic to your sites without burning your budget. I have a few questions for you. Tired of taking different links and advertising them one at a time? Are you tired of seeing all of your websites and favorite affiliate programs perform poorly? If you answered yes to these two questions, then maybe a Promo Page can help you save time and annoyance.

Why use a promotion page? You can take the link of that page and promote it to your favorite providers and gain more traffic to all of your websites at once. Plus, it saves you time in the long run. How? You don’t have to sit around trying to gather all of your sites and trying to promote them in different places in different places. That takes a lot of time and frustration.

A promotion page is easy to edit. You can always change what is displayed on your page. The links you post in your text ad exchange will also display on your page as long as you renew them. If you have banners to your website you can also post them on the page.

Your participation makes the sale

On the internet promoting your business is very important. In order to grow your business, you need real human interaction, readers, and participation. But, how can an internet marketer get the word out at a text ad exchange? Your participation would be a good start. Sometimes it takes a little work to get real eyes viewing your website.

So, how can your participation help you? Log in to your account and set up your ad campaigns. You can even refresh some of your expired campaigns. Check out the latest ads other members posted. What about those solo ads in your inbox? If you find the subjects interesting, open them up and click the links on the bottom of the email to view the website. You get the credits then those credits go towards your ad campaigns as well.


Log in at My Sunny Ads to promote your website and update your campaigns. If you are not a member of My Sunny Ads click the banner to the right to sign up.