How frequency in solo ad advertising matters

The more you advertise the more people will come. Your website, product or service is in need of traffic. You have to advertise in order to get real human beings to see your offer. But, is there such thing as balance? The answer is yes. Your solo ad is a sales letter to potential customers interested in what you have to offer. However, no one will see that offer unless you advertise. So, posting you’re a on a consistent basis will raise the chances of you making the sale.

Does that mean you can post your ads all the time? Not necessarily. Sometimes a solo ad can be submitted at least twice a week consistently to be effective. Now if you only have one product to promote, Choose two benefits and three features that stand out the most about your product. Once you have that then, build your solo ad around these features. How can you do that? Let’s say you offer website scripts. You offer a means to make money online and you also offer design services for the scripts you are selling. Now, choose a script from your site. Highlight an attractive feature of that script and you have your solo ad. Once you have your first solo ad with that feature, make sure the benefit is in the headline.

Does frequency really matter when it comes to submitting your ads? Yes. Solo ads can be sent every two days as mentioned before or once every day. But what if you are not comfortable with sending once every day? That’s fine. You can send your ads every two days. Consistency increases the chance of potential customers buying what you offer.

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