Three ways solo ads can be effective

Email marketing is one of the most popular ways to promote your business. There are many websites out there that allow an internet marketer to submit solo ads and other types of advertising. One good way to promote in email are solo ads. How, can they be effective? Take a look at three ways below.

The double opt in

Solo ads can be effective in a few ways. The first way is double opt in features. What does that mean?
People subscribe to your ezine or sign up to your member ship site. Then the confirm membership. Once, the confirmation is done, that person has given you permission to send them offers to their inbox. Double opt-in feature is a good way to convey to that person you are not going to send them something they are not willing to receive. Plus it protects you from being blocked as spam (in some cases).

List Size sometimes matters

The Second way is the amount of people you are sending offers to. A list can consist of at least 10 to 1000 in size. These are people that are willing to see what you have to offer. Even if just one person clicks the links in your email you are still receiving a visitor. That’s a real human viewing your offer. However, the larger the list the more chances you have of people clicking your links.

Building trust with time

Building trust is important to the growth of your business. How do you build trust over time? Frequency and consistency. The amount of times you send your offer or solo ad to a list of people matters. Sometimes it takes seven times for a person to see an offer before they make up their minds to click your links or purchase what you offer. For a solo ad, you can submit once a day, twice a week or once a week. No matter the gap in time, consistently submitting information will help build that trust that potential customer.

These are just a few ways that can help make a solo ad effective. Frequency helps make people more curious about your offer and it builds trust. Plus, the size of your list will build more curiosity to your offers.

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