A Promotion page says a lot

How does a Promtion page work?

My Promotion Page

Get a free Promotion page with your free JV Upgrade. Save time money and effort and promote all of your sites at once. Plus, get more traffic to your sites without burning your budget. I have a few questions for you. Tired of taking different links and advertising them one at a time? Are you tired of seeing all of your websites and favorite affiliate programs perform poorly? If you answered yes to these two questions, then maybe a Promo Page can help you save time and annoyance.

How does a Promtion page work?

First, you have to add all of your sites you wish to promte on the page. You can add links, banners and text ads to the page. You can take the link of that page and promote it to your favorite providers and gain more traffic to all of you websites at once. This tool is a tme saver. How? You don’t have to sit around trying to gather all of your sites and trying to promote them in different places and getting no results. That takes a lot of time and frustration.

Ease of use

A promotion page is easy to edit. You can always change what is displayed on your page. The links you post in your account will also display on your page as long as you renew them. Your page can be promoted any whee you like to advertise that’s it. Go log in at MySunnyAds and setup your page.

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