Short Tip #2: Post five times a day but…

Your Ads are a presentation of a website you are promoting. The ad is meant to get more potential customers to whatever product or service you need to traffic for. How often are you posting your ads though? At YBC Adboard you can post five times a day. Plus, your premium ads are displayed for thirty days. That gives your ad a chance at getting more eyeballs to see your offer. When posting your ads, use different headlines and a different reason to buy your offer.

What does that mean?

While writing the ad, think about a few things that stand out about your offer. Build your classified ads around those things. For example, your website welcomes bit coin as a means of trade. You also, have resources and tutorials on how to make more bit coins. Now, I just mentioned three benefits to your service. One was Bit Coin resources, two was tutorials, and three you offer a means to pay with bit coin. You have three different ads to build around those benefits.

Happy advertising!

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