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Getting Started at YB Cafe Ads

Thank you for joining YB Café ads. You came to the right place for website traffic. But what can you do to set up your ads? Look at a few steps below.

To set up your Ad campaign do the following

  1. Login to your account and click the advertisers home link
  2. Go to my ads section on the left-hand side of your member area.
  3. Click add new Ad and choose whether you want a banner ad or a text ad.
  4. Click Continue and then add the price of the campaign in the field.
  5. Once added check that what you are adding is correct and then click continue to PayPal payment.

To Add money

If you just want to keep a balance of money in your account to set up ads you can do the following

  1. Scroll down until you see the Add Money link. Click that and add your money.
  2. Once on that page, add the amount of money you wish to add to your balance.
  3. Check your amount then continue with your add money purchase.


That’s it for the short tips. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at

What is YB Cafe Ads

As mentioned in the about this blog page, YB Café’ Ads is a network advertising service that provides banner and text ads promotion. All packages are priced for every budget. YB Café ads is a great place to boost your visibility on a limited budget. Every website needs visitors no matter the method of advertising. Find out more details below.

The displays

You are ads are displayed throughout the Your Biz Café’ Network. Your Ads will appear on blogs, text ad exchanges, member pages, main website pages, thank you pages, and footers.

The Banner sizes

The banner sizes allowed so far are, 125×50(mini ad), 125×125, 234×60, and 468×60. Larger banner ads and skyscraper options are coming soon.

What you need to know

YB Café ads is not a Pay-Per-Click website. You only ad money to the site for the package you need. There is no need to upgrade. You can sign up and shop for the advertising package that you need. If you need a to know how to go about go to the tutorials category on the sidebar.

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