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Blogs at YBC is a free blogging social network. As a member, you can start your own Business, Affiliate or Personal Blog. Plus, connect to other bloggers that share your interests. So if you have a business you wish to blog about, feel free to do that. If you are an affiliate that would likke to gain organic traffic to yor favorite program, come on in. What about personal interest bloggers? You are are also welcomed. Share your favorite fasion enterntainment or your life. No problem. You can register on the right hand side.

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Cleaning up Blogs at YBC

Blogs at YBC is getting a tune up. Some accounts that look to be spam along with their associated blog will be removed. This is to ensure that bloggers who really wish to connect have a safe and spam free environment to post in. So, Blogs at YBC will be cleaned up and ready to receive new bloggers soon. If you are a user with a legitimate blog here on the site please feel free to send me a private message. Although registration is disabled, you will be able to login and post.

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Stephanie Fulcher

Short Tip: Affiliates protect your bottom line

As an affiliate it is very important to promote your favorite program and earn a second income. There are so many different ways to promote your program. You have social media, traffic exchanges, adboards, and blogging. here’s a question, Are you protecting your links? Affiliate links can be long ugly strings of characters. They need protection. When you are promoting your program are you cloaking your URLS?

Coffee break Vol. 1 It’s raining in New York

This is a personal note to all bloggers present and future. Welcome to Blogs at YBC. I am glad you joined. I am posting this because I think it is important for you to see the human side of this blog. I am the grinning face in the picture that is the admin of this website. As it rains in New York, and I am drinking a steaming cup of coffee, I am thinking of better ways to serve you here at Blogs at YBC and other websites I own. Please feel free to tell me how I am doing. Plus, I have a forum at my main site if you want to chat. You can go to http://ybc-llc.com to sign up.

As the rain comes down in New York Hard and fast, I sit here with my coffee trying to figure out what to ad to Blogs at YBC for you to enjoy. I welcome any suggestions. I am thinking of adding a forum, a better way to communicate. Or, add invite functions to the website so that more people can start blogging on the site.

Choose a theme that suits your interests

At Blogs at YBC you have set up your blog and you even worked on your profile. Now you want to create your content. However, does your theme fit the content you provide? Surely, your blog is a presentation of knowledge, sharing of ideas and is a source of entertainment. So, it’s without out a doubt that your theme should suite your interest whether you are a business owner, personal blogger or affiliate. What does it really mean to choose a theme that suites your interests? Well, let’s break it down.


As a business owner who blogs about your products and services, you want to be professional. However, you still want to have good presentation and style. When you choose a theme, your them can have a few key elements. One element is responsiveness. What does that mean? Well your theme needs to be viewable on all devices may they be phones tablets, or a computer. The second element is that your blog theme should complement your website. For example, I have the My Sunny Ads and Ad board blogs in this network. Each of my blogs has headers that roughly match their perspective sites. Even though the theme of my blogs doesn’t look like my advertising sites, they still have a similarity in header design. The third element is professional appearance. There are themes that are great for business and magazine type blogs. The last element which is very important is customization capabilities. A theme should be user friendly and flexible to your needs. For a responsive customizable blog Corporate Blue and Asteroid themes are a good fit.


What about a person who has a personal blog? A few things can be considered when choosing a theme. First, what are you blogging about? Do you like fan fiction and Original Fiction? Are you in a band, are you interested in entertainment gossip or fashion? You can choose a theme that will best represent your personality and interests. The Asteroid theme is good for bringing out the artsy side of you. Plus the asteroid theme is customizable. If you don’t want your site to look like the main site, the Nevertheless theme is good and simple and will allow you to put a background image on the site.


Affiliate marketing is a very good way to earn extra income and build an email list. However, when you blog about your favorite programs, your blog can reflect the program you are affiliated with. Much like the business bloggers, you can choose a theme for your blog that simple, flexible, and most importantly, responsive. That allows your blog to load faster, and be more reader friendly to the average visitor. Plus, you can be creative with the design. Add a header and color scheme that reflects the program and you can choose a theme that allows customization for that.